RT PRO RZR XP 900 Shock Guard Mounts for all 2.5" springs

  • 2500

Here's a slick and simple product used to retain the use of the OEM shock guards (Polaris # 5438873-070 GUARD-SHOCK ROD,REAR,BLK) on the rear shocks of the RZR XP 900 when using our "Race Retainers" sold as an option for our RZR XP 900 Spring Replacement Kit. The "Race Retainers" eliminate the lower OEM spring retainer which normally mount the shock guard to it. These rings mount between the new retainer and the spring to allow for the use of the shock guards which are REALLY nice to have on the back end of the XP due to the suspension setup and the rocks and debris the front end can throw back. 

These can also be used to mount extra shock guards to the front of the XP when using our D.I.S.S. Dual Rate Spring Kit and needing some extra protection from competitors or other riders debris if you are following someone on the trail or the track.

These rings are designed to work with ANY 2.5" I.D. spring. They will work on ANY aftermarket shock using the standard 2.5" spring. This means you can also add the guards to aftermarket shocks with these rings as well.

These are sold as a pair and include new hardware for fastening the guards to these rings. The supplied screws self-tap in to the rings. Rings are powdercoated black.

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