RT PRO RZR XP 1000 MX Rear Bumper

  • 39500

Racer Tech knows how to build bumpers! We’ve taken all our experience with rigid mount front bumpers and applied it to this rear bumper for the XP 1000. This bumper fits the form of the machine perfectly and securely attaches to the chassis is several very solid places. It’s designed to be as compact and tight to the rear body as possible to minimize any gains in overall length of the RZR for trailer loading.

This MX version uses the same lower half as our Baja version with custom upper piece with custom rigid arms with additional tubing to make this bumper a "snag free" design which is optimal for racing and required in some series like LOORRS.

The Racer Tech RZR XP 1000 Rigid Mount Rear Bumper fits all year and model XP 1000’s including the 4 seat models. It comes powdercoated black with instructions and all the necessary hardware for installation. *Note - All rigid arms and some mounting hardware comes in black regardless of custom color choice.

Installation is simple and fitment is excellent due to professional 3D CAD design by our talented in-house engineers. This bumper is made from American steel, laser cut and CNC bent for absolute precision every time.

Quick Facts:


  • Rigid Mount
  • Only adds 2.75” to the overall length of the RZR.
  • 100% BOLT-ON kit. No cutting, bending, drilling, welding required.
  • Fits all RZR XP 1000 models including 4 seat

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