RT PRO Inner Pivot Sleeves RZR XP 900

RT PRO Inner Pivot Sleeves RZR XP 900

  • 9500

This is a MUST HAVE item for all RZR XP's. The front end is notorious for coming apart at the pivot points due to sloppy OEM tolerances. This kit combined with our Front Upper Chassis Brace help reduce this issue substantially.

These sleeves will replace your factory inner pivot sleeves with stronger material and tighter tolerances. This full kit will replace damaged or broken inner pivot sleeves and will also provide tighter fitment for your A-arms to the chassis which greatly improves the wear life of the bolt holes in the factory chassis. The material used for the tabs on the chassis is very thin. This combined with sloppy bolt to sleeve tolerances causes’ premature wear. After some time the holes will start to "egg" out and the egging can become exponential. Racer Tech uses this kit on every race prep vehicle built.

All Racer Tech Inner Pivot Sleeves come coated in black oxide which increases the life expectancy of the kit by reducing corrosion and promoting self-lubrication.

These sleeves are sold as a complete INNER PIVOT Sleeve Kit for ALL years RZR XP and XP4. They will fit a stock arm, any of our arm kits OR any other arm kit which is designed to use stock dimension bushings. This kit is for the inner pivot sleeves only. No bushings included, bushing kits are available separately.

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