RT PRO HD Tie Rods Replacement Kit XP 1000

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Ever break a tie rod in the middle of nowhere? If you don't have this kit you will eventually... If you have then you already know about the problem these machines have. When you break a tie rod the factory makes you buy a whole new steering rack too. What most people don't know is the steering rack is not the weak link. The inner tie rod joint itself is what breaks, this part can be removed from the rack and the rack will still be perfectly functional. All you need to fix the problem once and for all is this tie rod replacement kit from Racer Tech. This kit replaces the weak inner pivot assembly with a custom Chromoly monoball and a custom made 300M heat treated stud held by a custom grade 12.9 cap screw in a high precision stainless steel cup. Unlike many conversions this kit will not affect the steering of your RZR at all. Using smart design, Racer Tech guarantees minimal bump steer with this kit. The components of this kit can be used with any other long travel kit you may have as well. If ever need a custom length Racer Tech will custom build tie rod tubes for your application. Kits come powder coated with all necessary installation hardware and instructions.

This kit WILL work with forward A-arms.

Note: We offer these kits in all lengths and for all models. This kit is available for both 2014 and 2015+ RZR XP 1000's. There is a difference! Please sure to select the proper year when ordering.  

Why Racer Tech HD Tie Rods?

Racer Tech HD Tie Rods are the only kits on the market which do not corrupt the OEM designed geometry! Our design keeps the pivot point of the inner pivot joint in the exact location as the OEM tie rod does. Look at every other tie rod kit on the market and see what we mean. They all machine their parts the easy way and push the pivot point way out of spec! This measurement is more critical than our competitors realize. As the original designers of HD Tie Rod kits, we make our inner joint a specific way to keep proper geometry. Not the easy way. What does this dimension control you ask? This dimension controls the steering geometry in relationship to the suspension geometry. When the suspension cycles the steering relies on proper geometry to keep the wheels straight to each other as the arms swing about a radius which changes the angle of the spindle. If the steering geometry is not correct the tires will toe in and out in opposite directions of each other causing the steering wheel to jerk sporadically and make the vehicle try pushing and pulling in different directions. This effect is called "BUMP STEER". In the racing world this is very dangerous. In the recreational world the same rules apply! Don't trust you and your passengers safety to inferior engineering.

The inner pivot point is the most critical point of the tie rod geometry but the outer pivot location is equally important. Again, Racer Tech has always set the bar higher than our competitors when it comes to engineering and here's another reason why. All HD tie rod kits come with "high misalignment" spacers for the outer tie rod ends. These spacers fit in to the heim joint and reduce the size of the inner hole down the the size needed to bolt the kit up to the OEM spindle. Most kits come with identical spacers for the top and bottom side. Not Racer Tech's. We use spacers specifically designed for each model UTV which place the pivot point in the exact location needed for perfect steering geometry. On the outside of the heim joint we use a smaller spacer. It cost more to make two different parts but we don't care when it makes a better product. The shorter spacers allow us to use a shorter bolt. A shorter bolt means less leverage applied in high stress situations which increases shear resistance of the bolt. One more detail Racer Tech include in this kit! Don't trust your machines dependability on inferior engineering.


Custom Length Tie Rods

Racer Tech offers custom length tie rods for all models and arm kits. If you have a competitors arm kit but want a more serious tie rod solution you've come to the right place.

You can order TWO ways - Ordering custom length tie rods from Racer Tech is easy. We've developed a simple mathematical equation we use here in-house to calculate the exact length needed to work with any arm kit you could ever possibly run on your RZR XP 900. We also save previous custom designs and add common sizes to the site here as well.

Measurement Generated - Measure your tie rods as shown in the pictures below. We only need the dimension from the shoulder to the center of the bolt. Once you determine your measurement. Place your order and make sure you select the CUSTOM option. When checking out, put the measurement in the COMMENT box. We will see this and build custom length tubes per your measurement.

"Pre-Designed" - Copy and paste the name of the "pre-designed" version you need from below in to the comment box during checkout. You will get a custom kit we've already got in our system.

Currently we have the following kits "pre-designed":
  • HCR Long Travel

    NOTES: Expect a 2-3 week potential lead time on custom orders. If you do not enter your measurement in the comment section during checkout we will not ship your tie rods. We will not waste our time chasing down the information. Custom length tubes come in Black powdercoat or bare steel ONLY. No exceptions. We will not be held responsible for improper calculations. If you order this kit you agree to everything stated here.


  • Measure from the shoulder of your OEM inner pivot ball joint cup. This is the surface which tightens against the rack bar of the steering rack.



  • You will measure from the shoulder to the center of the outer mounting bolt head. Make sure the bolt is perpendicular to the tie rod shaft for the most accurate measurement.



  • This is the measurement we need to design custom length tie rods for you. We use this dimension to plug in to our equation which considers the "stack up" length of all of our replacement components vs. the OEM components. Then the equation calculates what length the tube needs to be overall to make our kit match the same overall length of what your custom arm kit requires. The equation calculates the overall length of the final kit and builds in 1/4" of exposed threads per side of the tube at the calculated length which allows up to 1/2" of adjustment to a shorter length or over 1" of adjustment to a longer length if needed during alignment.


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