RT PRO Delrin Inner Pivot Bushings RZR 570

RT PRO Delrin Inner Pivot Bushings RZR 570

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We run bushings made of this exact material on ALL of our SCORE race cars and long travel sand cars. We usually run them dry too. Putting grease on anything built for off-road just creates a vacuum for sand, dust and silt. The less of this that sticks to the machine the longer it will last. We have found through the years however, that some areas of the world and some types of riding seem to prefer greasing and in these cases the bushings can last longer IF lubed religiously. The idea is to "flush" the contaminants out of the pivot assembly. In our experience, we've found the biggest factor here is high levels of carbon in the sediment. Over years of experimenting we've been able to narrow down the biggest "problem" area to the Tennessee and Kentucky region. Mostly however, the problem areas are almost always near coal mines.

At Racer Tech we are convinced Delrin is the BEST material solution available for inner pivot bushings and we have proven it over many years of experience. This material is also the choice of the entire professorial off-road racing industry we come from. Our bushings and sleeves are made to higher tolerances than any other bushing option on the market today. This results in tighter fitting assemblies which is the TRUE method for longevity. Don't believe the hype of other's alternative material claims or other Delrin kits lower prices. The trade-offs always results in diminished performance.

These bushings are sold as a complete front and rear INNER PIVOT kit for ALL year RZR 570's. This kit only fits the RZR 570. They will fit a stock arm, any Racer Tech arm kit OR any other long travel kit which is designed to use stock dimension bushings. This kit is for the inner pivot bushings only. No sleeves included. Rear outer kits and inner sleeves are available separately.


Here's a great installation video from our friends at Mud and Guts Offroad. This video shows a different model, but the process is the same.

Click to View - Racer Tech Delrin Bushings Installation