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Take your Polaris RZR XP 1000 from mild to Wild with our New S3 Power Sports 8″ lift kit!! With this 8″ lift kit you get all the strength and quality you have come to expect out of S3 Power Sports as well as an unbelievable ride quality and trail-ability you would hope for! This lift is engineered to have absolutely no CV binding even at full droop and full steer of the suspension to help prevent axle issues under any riding conditions. With the added lift you are able to clear the largest atv mud tire on the market with absolutely no rubbing even at full steer. In the rear we are able to utilize the factory trailing arms to keep the full kit economical. The kit includes all new front A arms with high clearance lowers, all new steering components with huge 5/8″ heim joints, high clearance radius rods and heavy duty upper rods for the rear, and all new Gorilla axles for the front and rear. This kit requires no fabrication and comes with all the brackets and hardware for a full installation. And the one thing everyone knows about S3 Power Sports parts, it comes with a LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY no questions asked. Allow a minimum of 7-10 days for fabricated parts.


  • Front Upper Right A-arm
  • Front Upper Left A-arm
  • Front Lower Right A-arm
  • Front Lower Left A-arm
  • Tie Rods
  • Upper Radius Rods
  • Lower Right Radius Rod
  • Lower Left Radius Rod
  • Pull Plate
  • Front Shock Bracket A
  • Front Shock Bracket B
  • Right Trailing Arm Bracket
  • Left Trailing Arm Bracket
  • Rear Shock Brackets A
  • Rear Shock Brackets B
  • Rear Spring Spacers
  • Trailing Arm Nut Plates
  • Rear Shock Bracket Nut Plates
  • Trailing Arm Spacers A
  • Trailing Arm Spacers B
  • Front Shock Bracket Spacers A
  • Front Shock Bracket Spacer B
  • Rear Shock Bracket Spacers
  • Small R. Rod Misal. Spacers
  • Large R. Rod Misal. Spacers
  • Steering Knuckle Misal. Spacer
  • A-arm Misalignment Spacers
  • Clevises
  • Clevis Washers
  • Right Heims
  • Right Jam Nuts
  • Left Heims
  • Left Jam Nuts
  • Front Axles (Gorilla)
  • Rear Axles (Gorilla)
  • Instructions
  • Bolt Kit

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