HIGH LIFTER 2016 Can-Am Renegade 1000 Front Lower Control Arms

  • 18995

The Max Clearance Front Lower Control Arms feature a dual bend design giving you the MOST clearance you can get from the frame to the hub without adding a lift. Our a-arms provide almost 2” of additional clearance where you need it the most. We designed the Control Arm Kit specifically for Outlander and Renegade owners who are concerned about the additional wear and tear on a UTV when adding a standard lift kit. By maintain factory drivelines and positions, there’s no added wear and tear on your ATV's components – including the CV axle joints.
The a-arms are crafted from 1 1/16” x .120 wall steel DOM tubing – a serious upgrade from factory materials. Each a-arm features an additional gusset adding even more strength where you need it most. Additionally, the a-arms can reuse your factory ball joints and bushings.
NOTE: Be sure to check for worn ball joints, bearings, and bushings before installation and replace them if needed. 
Proudly made in the USA!

Outlander 800 STD & XT (2012)
Outlander 1000 STD & XT (2012)
Renegade 800 STD & XXC (2012)
Renegade 1000 STD & XXC  (2012)
Outlander L 450 STD, DPS  (2015)
Outlander L 450 MAX STD, DPS (2015)
Outlander L 500 STD, DPS  (2015)
Outlander L 500 MAX STD, DPS  (2015)
Outlander 500 STD, DPS (13-14)
Outlander 500 XT (13-15)
Outlander 500 MAX STD, DPS (13-14)
Outlander 500 MAX XT (13-15)
Outlander 650 STD, DPS, XT, & XMR (13-15)
Outlander 650 MAX XT (13-14)
Outlander 650 MAX STD, DPS (13-15)
Outlander 800R STD, DPS, XT, & XT-P (13-15) 
Outlander 800R MAX DPS, XT, & XT-P (13-15)
Outlander 800R XMR  (2015)
Outlander 1000 DPS, XT, XT-P (13-15)
Outlander 1000 MAX DPS, XT, XT-P, & LTD (13-15)
Outlander 6x6 650 XT (2015)
Outlander 6x6 1000 XT (2015)
Renegade 500 STD (13-15)
Renegade 800R STD & XXC (13-15) 
Renegade 1000 STD & XXC (13-15)
Does Not Fit XMR Models

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