Boondocker 2.0 Handlebar

Boondocker 2.0 Handlebar

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skiThe cutting edge bend and shape was the direction our customers and Team Riders wanted in a snowmobile handlebar. This year the addition of 1.5” of width to the Boondocker and added cut lines on the bar ends. The added width provides an even more stable platform and allows more stock controls to be able to be attached to the handlebar directly. Brake lever placement is now better as well. The cutting lines on the bar ends allow users to customize the width of the snowmobile handlebar to their liking.

The entire line up of handlebars is built from the inside out. Starting with high quality 7075 double butted heat treated aluminum for a strong and lightweight base. In the center, where the risers stem clamps to the bar, the width is a beefy 1 1/8” thick. The handlebars then taper off to 7/8” thick for your handlebar controls and hands to fit nicely around. This construction also allows energy to dissipate over a gradual tapering thickness within the inner core. This results in a stronger bar that dampens hard hits and also gives the user a better feel of what’s going on underneath on the snow.

The Boondocker 2.0 will help you ride longer and allow you to get to the next level snowmobiling.



    • 2' Rise

    • 7 Degree Up

    • 12 Degree back

    • 31.5 Width

    • Made from 7075 Heat treated super Aluminum with flex technology.

    • Strong, Light weight and tough as shit!!

    • Better positioning than stock bars and way stronger! The new design dissipates bumpy conditions better than stock bars keeping you fresh and riding longer!

    • Vertical and horizontal positioning graphics for perfect centering and pull back angulation.

    • Designed as an all-around Boondock, hill climbing, jump and tandeming bar with 38 degree angulations on the end of the bars to keep your hands from slipping off.

    • Custom graphics in three color ways. Hot Pink, Ghost White or Flat black.

    • All Handle bars come with a CFR Bar Pad.


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