BMP RZR XP 900 Double Barrel Slip-On Exhaust

BMP RZR XP 900 Double Barrel Slip-On Exhaust

  • 49995

It's no secret that the RZR 900 has a very limiting muffler on it from the factory.  After months of testing we finally developed what we believe is the best muffler on the market.  This slip-on exhaust is a huge wake up for your machine!  We performed many back to back tests and found our final design to knock almost 1.5 seconds off your 0-60 time!  Comes in a ceramic coated durable finish.  Easy to install.  This slip-on allows you for quick adjustment in sound levels.  You have the option to purchase the quiet cap to block one of the two outlets, lowering dB's.  In the other outlet, you can use your stock spark arrestor to further lower dB's and make it forestry approved.  Open, this exhaust is around 100-102 dB's at idle.  With the quiet core we drop that down to 95-96 dB's with NO LOSS IN POWER!
  • Fits 2011-14 RZR 900 & 900 4 seat models
  • The BMP Double Barrel slip-on is the original dual style slip-on.
  • Often copied, but no one can compare to our performance or looks!
  • Coated ceramic black or chrome for a durable finish
  • Adjustable sound without losing horsepower
  • No EFI controller required
  • Ceramic Chrome PN: 17-305-C (Retail $499.95)
  • Ceramic Black PN: 17-305-CB (Retail $499.95)

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