BMP Programmed Bully Dog GT for 2015-Up AXYS 800

  • 69900

  • Bully Dog Powersports Gauge Tuner for all Polaris 2015-Up AXYS 800 Models.
  • Loaded with a custom BMP tune which does the following :
  • Corrects base fuel & timing maps for optimum performance.
  • Corrects fuel & timing maps for warm weather performance.
  • Corrects timing above 8000 RPM for aftermarket pipes that like to rev for optimum horsepower.
  • Corrects timing map based on pipe exhaust gas temp to better hold in the peak power curve.
  • Corrects steady throttle lean mapping for better throttle response.
  • Corrects Electronic Oil Mixture map for optimum motor longevity and performance.
  • Data logging - record data to the unit's SD card for up to 20 minutes. Data can be played back using the Bully Dog software on your PC.
  • For the AXYS 800 you can monitor: throttle %, barometric pressure, RPM, speed, battery voltage, coolant temp, intake temp, timing MAG, timing PTO, injection Mag, injection PTO, MAP sensor, engine load, and knock.
  • 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance tests.
  • Read and erase trouble codes.
  • Easy to install.
  • Serial number specific. This unit can only be used to tune on one machine to prevent theft.
  • Comes standard with our base tune which optimizes fuel maps, timing maps, and electronic oil injection maps.
  • *Must run 91 octane minimum*
  • Easily upgrade to other levels depending on what modifications you have.
  • Clutching is highly recommended for maximum power and performance
  • If mounting your GT for gauges, we suggest the Bully Dog GT Armor which helps keep moisture out.
  • See the full description below for more model specifics.
  • Select the appropriate tune(s) for your machine below
  • You must have your ECU serial number when ordering. This is located on your ECU
  • Part #: BG-48100-AXYS800

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