BMP 2011-14 RZR 900 Double Barrel Full Exhaust System

  • 89995

It's no secret that the 900 RZR has a very limiting exhaust on it from the factory. After months of testing we finally developed what we believe is the best exhaust system on the market. This full exhaust is a huge wake up for your machine! Easy to install.

Our slip-on allows for quick adjustment in sound levels. You have the option to purchase the quiet cap to block one of the two outlets, lowering dB's. You can also purchase 1 or 2 spark arrestors depending on if you plan to run with the quiet cap or not. This gives you a huge range in sound. Open, this exhaust is around 98 dB's at 4,000 RPM. With the quiet core we drop that down to 93-94 dB's with NO LOSS IN POWER!

Our performance tuned header is a great addition to the slip-on muffler! Making an additional 5 HP, this system can't be beat. With a fuel controller this system produces 9-10 HP over factory! Huge gains for your 900 RZR that keep the rest in the dust. Great horsepower and snappy torque gains, you will be sure to love this system. Ceramic coated for a lasting durable finish that holds the heat inside the pipe.

All headers come with an O2 bung & plug installed for an auxiliary air/fuel ratio gauge or DynoJet Auto Tune devices.

  • Fits 2011-14 RZR 900 2 and 4 seat models
  • Optional quiet core and spark arrestors for a quickly adjustable sound
  • One of the best performing exhaust systems on the market!
  • Gain 7-8 HP with no fuel controller required
  • Gain even more power with a fuel controller and intake
  • Works well with stock to heavily modified motors.
  • No EFI controller is required, but is recommended for optimum horsepower.
  • Header features a welded in O2 bung for an optional AFR gauge or Auto Tune modules.
  • This complete exhaust system is available in Ceramic Chrome or Black Ceramic finish. Both finishes hold in a tremendous amount of heat as the ceramic coating acts as a heat barrier. Black ceramic can withstand more heat, but does not reflect it like the ceramic chrome. Heat shielding may be necessary on the airbox when selecting black ceramic.
  • Ceramic Chrome Part #: 08-306-C (Retail $899.95)
  • Ceramic Black Part #: 08-306-CB (Retail $899.95)

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