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SuperATV 5000 lb. Winch

Whether you're in the mud, working the rocks, or bringing in the big kill, let SuperATV’s 5000 lb. Black Ops Winch work for you! This winch comes loaded with a 50', 6.5mm thick synthetic rope, wireless remote control, brakes to hold on inclines, weather proof seals to keep your gears turning, and a reliable smooth-running electrical system for sustained battery life. The water-resistant sealed solenoid and remote receiver box means your winch won’t quit when you’re stuck neck-deep in mud. It comes with extended heavy-gauge wiring that's long enough for 4-seaters.

Synthetic Rope Vs Steel Cable
Think steel cable can do what synthetic rope can’t? Think again. Our synthetic rope is rated to 5000 lbs. It’s super flexible and easy to handle – you can forget about shredding your hands every time you touch it and kinking isn’t an issue. Synthetic rope utilizes a simple aluminum hawse fairlead which will save you the trouble of your roller fairlead snagging or wearing out. Synthetic rope is also lighter, safer, and won’t rust.

Don't Need 5000 pounds?
Don't need all that pulling power? Check out SuperATV's 3500 lb and 4500 lb Black Ops Winches. No matter what you use your UTV or ATV for, we've got a winch to meet your need.

We have dozens of winch mount plates and winch ready bumpers for your machine so you can install it how you want! Don't forget your Winch Accessory Kit and Winch Cover!


Fits most bumpers or winch mounts with a 3.0" x 6.6" (76 x 168mm) mounting bolt pattern.



Synthetic 50', 6.5mm rope

5000 lb rated line pull166:1 gear ratio

Permanent magnet DC 12v, 1.5 hp motor

Dimensions—15.32” x 4.60” x 4.37”3.0" x 6.6" (76 x 168mm) mounting bolt pattern

Aluminum hawse fairlead—6.0" (152.4 mm)Utilizes heavy-gauge extended wiring—long enough for 4-seaters

Wired rocker switch can be dash mounted or handlebar mounted

Includes wireless remote control w/ auto shut off

Water resistant remote receiver and solenoid


NOTE: Requires machine specific mounting plate or winch ready bumper (sold separately)

5000 Lb. Black Ops UTV/ATV Synthetic Rope Winch

SKU: WN-5000
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