BMP Goldstar 1100 Turbo Heavy Weights

BMP Goldstar 1100 Turbo Heavy Weights

  • 22900

  • Adjustable weights are necessary on most 1100 turbo sleds with any sort of modifications. Tune for the right RPM at any time with our easy, snap in magnetic adjustable weights! Not only are these weights easy to adjust, but they also have an excellent profile that meets the demands of 1100 turbo owners. These same weights are used on Kerry Shilts drag race sleds which can't be beat in the stock turbo class. Choose from the standard weights for trail/drag race, or the notched weights for a strictly drag race setup.
  • **Now featuring even heavier weights for those who are putting out major power! Available in standard 102-124 grams or notched 100-122 grams for pure race setups!** 
  • Standard weights are adjustable from 85-107 grams or 102-124 grams. 
  • Notched weights are adjustable from 90-112 grams or 100-122 grams. Sold in set of 3 with allen wrench, set screws, and magnets.

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